Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trees and Cats

I got up early and went into doodle mode. I find that what I see in my environment sometimes ends up in my doodles.  Yesterday I took a photo of a tree that reminded me of Van Gogh's italian cypress trees, and my version ended up in a doodle, but I didn't put it all together in my mind until a few hours later. And now that I've written this I realize that just a few days ago I was telling my boyfriend about a man I used to visit as a child that had big old cypress trees that made a giant fence around his backyard.  And now I remember my parents also planted a row of them when I was a teenager along our driveway in Sunnymead CA.

Yesterday I drew a series of cats inspired by my new drawing book. Normally I wouldn't have thought to doodle using a giant red marker, but I've been more open-minded after getting that book. Here are two of my favorite cat doodles.

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