Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Five Minute Doodle Group

I got frustrated with the doodle groups on Flickr because people post drawings that obviously took many hours and they are calling them doodles. I guess I have a way different definition of what a doodle is, namely a spontaneous bit of art done in a short time without a lot of erasing, pre-drawing, re-drawing, or touch ups. In otherwords, flowing in all it's powerful imperfection onto the page. So I started a new flickr group called http://flickr.com/groups/doodleunderfive/ Doodle Under Five. You set your timer for five minutes, and then using any medium, you draw. After five minutes, you post it to the group. If I see art that was obviously not done in five minutes, I'll remove it.
It takes a lot of courage to post a drawing with all it's flaws, but when you 'fix it' in my opinion, you ruin it. So if your vision agrees with mine, please join the group and set a good example.

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