Sunday, June 22, 2008

Request a doodle.

I thought it would be fun to do daily doodles by request, but until people know I'm here I'll just have to add whatever doodles I think up myself.
Each doodle is done without pre-drawing and there is no erasing. That means things are going to look a little funky. So many people nowadays don't want their 'doodles' to be seen, so what they are actually doing is drawings that are preplanned in pencil and then inked over later. Yes, they look better that way usually, but they aren't doodles then. A doodle should be a spontaneous expression that usually takes under 5 minutes to create. That is what makes them so cool and exciting.

I also don't have a scanner so each photo is taken with a camera, which is tricky because the flash washes it out and the non-flash leaves the paper looking 'not white'.

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J. Carril said...

Bonitas sirenas!!